Tickets - Tickets for Woolfest 2019 are now available online and there will always be plenty of tickets on the door too.  See our Home page or the Buy Tickets Online page or this link to the online booking system.

Prices - Costs are £10 including parking and programme or £15 for a two-day ticket.  Accompanied children are free and there is no entrance charge for essential carers accompanying wheelchair users either.

There will be a small charge for workshops and for the Friday evening Giant Knit and Spin In – details are on the separate Workshops and demonstrations page.  Advance booking is essential for workshops as we’re anticipating lots of demand and places have to be limited.

Cash - There are no cash facilities at the venue so please come prepared. The nearest cash machines are at the nearby service station or in Cockermouth town centre. There is a free shuttle bus into Cockermouth running throughout both days of the festival.

A number of stallholders offer cashback facilities but they are unable to do this unless you make a purchase - their card machines will not allow them just to give cash. Those stallholders offering cashback facilities will be shown in the programme.

Dogs - Ideally, there should be no dogs at Woolfest. However, to avoid problems in hot cars, visitors may bring a dog into the event but must follow a few simple rules:
- dogs must be on a short lead and under control at all times;
- dogs are NOT allowed in the Livestock aisles or near the route to the rare Breed Parade;
- owners must be aware of other visitors.
Please do not leave dogs in cars - they can die in hot vehicles and the police and RSPCA will be called to let them out.

Payment Cards - Many stallholders are now equipped to take credit or debit card payments. This does vary from stall to stall and is reliant on the mobile signal of wifi so please check on the day. Some stalls may take cheques but this is up to each individual stallholder.