Livestock Sales and Fleece Information for Woolfest


Woolfest is known for its fine display of fibre-producing animals including several rare breeds, local Cumbrian fell sheep breeds and plenty of experts, farmers and breeders for you to chat with to find out more.

Sheep breeds attending Woolfest in 2018 included:  Boreray, Border Leicester, Castlemilk Moorit, Cheviot, Exmoor Horn, Hebridean, Herdwick, Jacob, Manx Loaghtan, North Ronaldsay, Portland, Ryeland, Shetland, Soay, Teeswater, Wensleydale.
We will also have alpacas and angora rabbits on display too.

Please note, Woolfest is not really a suitable venue for dogs. We have all this livestock to consider and would prefer it if you didn't bring your dog to the show.  However, if you do have your dog with you, please do not bring them down the livestock aisles.  We would rather you brought your dog in than leave them in the car.

We love having fleece animals at the event, and they are always a big draw, especially for families – thank you to everyone who makes this part of Woolfest happen and don’t forget, there’s a chance to find out more about the breeds at the Rare Breed Parade in the Main Ring each day.

You can download a list of those bringing animals to this years Woolfest by clicking on the button below:

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