Applying for Woolfest

If you have a wool-related business and would like to apply for a stall at Woolfest, we welcome applications from new businesses as well as established favourites.

As we try to ensure a good mix and also a quality threshold, it is a big help to us if first timers supply pictures of work, promotional literature, even samples with their application form - anything that helps us to understand what you could offer to the event.

For established businesses, please bear with us as we try to include as many stalls as we can, all within our quality criteria and trying to ring the changes and attract new ideas too.

Applications for Woolfest 2019 have now CLOSED for both stallholders and livestock. 

As always, livestock will be a feature at Woolfest 2019.  

For 2018 we were again heavily oversubscribed. Nearly 50% of applications were disappointed so we apologise that we couldn't take you all but our venue just won't take more.  We do feel it is important to keep a balance of stallholders and other things to see and do and also to ensure we have fresh faces every year to attract visitors to an ever changing event.  So if you were unlucky in 2018 we hope you'll try again for Woolfest 2019.


Please note that applications are now closed for Woolfest 2019 and stallholder selection is taking place. However, if interested in applying for Woolfest 2020 application forms and other relevant information for Woolfest 2019 can be found below for information: 

You can also check on social media (We are on FacebookTwitter and Instagram), news on the website or get in touch via email.